bhulla lake

                Bhulla lake

It is located about 1km from Lansdowne city, it has boating facilities, a cafe, a nursery and a souvenir shop close to it. One of the most favorite picnic spots among locals and tourists, Bhulla Tal is a small artificial lake situated in the town of Lansdowne and maintained by Indian Army. Bhulla lake is loved for its tranquil atmosphere as it is not much populated and there are ample boating facilities available here.

An amusement park is located nearby which is quite popular among kids. A children park, bamboo machan, and fountains have been erected as part of the beautification of pristine surroundings. One can also find a small souvenir shop, a cafe, herbal plants nursery, enclosure for rabbits near the Bhulla Lake. A small over bridge on the lake attracts visitors for the best lake view.

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